December 11, 2023

The People That Hid Their Involvement in Censorship of Conservatives Are Evidently Deeply Worried About Abuses by Social Media Companies  


A political truism you may commonly hear or see these days is that “every accusation is a confession.” It’s a term thrown around in online, Twitter style arguments and typically comes from the pro-abortion political left. That makes the irony of what’s happened recently so thick you can cut it with a knife.  According to a recent news story from Rolling Stone:

“A pair of letters issued by Democrats on the House Oversight Committee, obtained exclusively by Rolling Stone, demand that Musk’s and Zuckerberg’s platforms take “immediate action to combat the spread of abortion misinformation,” and request that the companies deliver briefings to Congress on the matter by December 14. 

“The letters’ signatories, led by Ranking Member Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), point out that alongside the continued onslaught of post-Roe v. Wade legislative and judicial challenges to reproductive rights, “dangerously inaccurate medical information and false content about abortion” is spreading virtually unchecked online, particularly on the social media platforms run by Musk and Zuckerberg. The committee argues that such misinformation can move patients to “doubt their health care institutions, their doctors, and themselves — putting their own health and safety at risk.”” 

According to the article, the “misinformation” around Abortion Pill Reversal (which is progesterone quickly taken as an antidote to mifepristone) being safe is of primary concern. 

There’s just one massive problem with that: progesterone is safe, has been shown to work, and has been in use for 50 years, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Even Planned Parenthood grudgingly admits that anyone wanting to “reverse their abortion” should talk to their doctor about progesterone. 

The gaslighting continues in the news article: 

“Abortion has been a critical issue in midterm elections and state ballot measures held in the 18 months since Roe was overturned, and promises to be a major driver of voter turnout in the 2024 general election. Abortion misinformation, if left unchecked, could proliferate even more if it’s pushed by Republicans running for office.  

“Despite the anti-abortion position having lost every post-Roe state ballot measure put to voters, many GOP leaders continue to claim that they can win on abortion. RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel insisted in November that the Republican Party is in step with the everyday American, and can win on “common sense limitations.”  

On one hand, Democrats argue that the pro-abortion side is winning across the board – but that access to abortion is also under threat. On the other, the abortion lobby argues that social media presents a clear and present danger to information access – yet, social media companies sensor pro-life content and the truth about the violence of abortion constantly.


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Ironically, it was a separate Rolling Stone reporter, Matt Taibi, who also helped expose one of the largest misinformation campaigns of the modern era: The Twitter Files news expose  

This was published after Elon Musk purchased Twitter and the reporting identified a concerted and clear effort by both the government and tech companies to undermine, censor, or otherwise silence conservatives, pro-life groups, and Republicans. This came after both tech companies and Democrats said it was a conspiracy theory that they had censorship targets – (after admitting that it was true) – a lie that continues to this day. 

We saw this same duplicity play out in Virginia, where the Democrats lied about the Republican’s plans for abortion access in the state. We also saw that in recent attack ads by Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The defenders of the abortion industrial complex spread similar falsehoods about later-term abortions constantly. 


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Is it any wonder then that the Democrats are leaning into more and more desperate tactics to get their way on the issue of abortion? With a track record like this, it’s not a stretch to say there’s very few lines they won’t cross to win.