April 6, 2023

The Pro-Life Generation Opposes Human Trafficking and the Media Can’t Wrap Their Heads Around It

It’s an unfortunate fact that abusers love abortion as they use it as a tool to cover the footprints of their wrongful actions. Human traffickers are no exception.  

Recently, Senator Ted Budd (R-NC) introduced the Stopping Traffickers and Their Accomplices Act which would require abortion vendors to file a report with the National Human Trafficking Hotline if they believe a woman has been trafficked.  

This commonsense bill, which would also require abortion vendors to undergo annual training so they can spot the signs of trafficking and are equipped to help women, was supported by Students for Life Action (SFLAction) among other pro-life legislators and coalition groups. 

Yet the media, who recognize human trafficking for the horrific crime that it is, cannot comprehend the fact that abortion vendors likely run into more cases of trafficking than they realize (or admit to) because again – abortion is frequently a tool used by abusers to conceal their actions.  

As an example, the Charlotte Observer’s editorial board recently wrote an article entitled, ‘Ted Budd’s bizarre new bill links abortion to human trafficking.’ Upfront in their bias, the editorial team writes,  

Obviously, human trafficking is a serious and significant problem, particularly in North Carolina, which ranks among the top 10 states in the nation for the number of human trafficking cases. But this bill is a solution in search of a problem, vilifying abortion providers under the guise of confronting an issue universally agreed upon as sinister. 

“The bill claims that victims of human trafficking are often forced to have abortions, citing a State Department report from 2017. That certainly doesn’t mean that abortion providers are conspiring with human traffickers to perform abortions.”  

What the editorial board team negates in their argument is that the bill doesn’t wish to “vilify abortion providers” – the facilitation of abortion does that itself – but it exists to stop abusers from forcing women to have an abortion.  

The bottom line is you can’t be bothered by the violence of abortion and unbothered by violence against women. SFLAction and the pro-life movement are certainly bothered by both – violence and abuse have no place in our society, inside or outside of the womb.  

In her statement to Senator Budd’s office, SFLAction President Kristan Hawkins said, 

“The corrupt partnership between human and sex traffickers with the abortion industry is well known, an ugly relationship that needs to be stopped to protect women caught in the crossfire. Abortion is an avenue for traffickers to continue their horrific abuse of women and girls. The abortion industry must be held accountable for aiding and abetting traffickers, and any opposition to this humanitarian bill will show that abortion’s financial interests are being placed about the needs of women. 

“The Stopping Traffickers and Their Accomplices Act is a great step towards preventing the abortion industry from profiting off of sex trafficking and ignoring the crimes they may be facilitating. SFLAction asks Congress to support this commonsense effort to stop the exploitation of women.” 

Recognizing and reporting the signs of trafficking can not only help a woman in need, but it might just save a preborn baby, as well. Keep the National Human Trafficking Hotline saved in your cell phone (1-888-373-7888) and continue to speak out against all violence!  

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