July 12, 2023

As Budget Fight Weighs on in Pennsylvania, Students for Life Action Issues Scoring Alert to Withhold UPitt Funding Over Barbaric Research Methods

“All politicians, regardless of their position on abortion and party affiliation, should be in opposition to UPitt’s research on aborted babies. Allowing UPitt funding to continue while unethical research is being done will not escape political ramifications from voters. Any vote for tax dollars given to this University to condone their vile research will be scored and shared with Pennsylvania constituents,” said SFLAction’s Dustin Curtis. 

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Harrisburg, PA (07-12-2023) – Students for Life Action (SFLAction) and Students for Life of America (SFLA) have continuously fought to make Pennsylvania residents aware that their tax dollars have supported efforts to conduct heinous research at the University of Pittsburgh (UPitt) on aborted baby remains. 

As SFLA previously reported: “Dr. Fauci’s office at the National Institute of Health approved funding to the University (of Pittsburgh) where the scalps of aborted children are grafted onto the backs of rodents. This curiosity project is not only a horrid violation of these children’s sacred right to life, but it was paid for by our tax dollars.”  

Now, SFLAction says that all Pennsylvania legislators have the opportunity to rid the failed efforts of Dr. Fauci and the likes of Planned Parenthood by prohibiting tax dollars from UPitt’s budget. In a stark warning to elected officials, SFLAction issued a scoring alert on the budget vote reading in part: 

“Students for Life Action urges you to vote NO on any amendment or line item offered for inclusion in the budget that funds the University of Pittsburgh without explicit language that precludes the University from continuing to engage in any sort of research on the remains of aborted babies. 

“This vote will be included in our Pro-Life Generation scoring as an anti-life vote. Anti-life votes will again be promoted to constituents of those legislators who vote against life in advance of elections.” 

Aiming to create a legacy for life and end Dr. Fauci’s barbaric research practices at UPitt, SFLAction has been lobbying Pennsylvania legislators and educating voters through its competitive grassroots base that has helped empower pro-life voices in PA. 

“I won a primary last election against a 20-year incumbent thanks to the voter education efforts of Students for Life Action knocking doors, sending mail, texts, and calls exposing the incumbent on this issue. UPitt’s experimentation with aborted-remains was an unsung issue that mattered to voters in my district. I’d like to thank SFLAction for their watchful eye of votes like these and their action when members break campaign promises and leave behind their pro-life values,” said Rep. Joe D’Orsie (HD-47). 

Cruel experiments or questionable research methods have no place in our publicly funded universities, especially when it comes to the life of an innocent preborn child. SFLAction and SFLA strive to protect the dignity of preborn children while supporting life-affirming resources.  

While the fight wages on in Pennsylvania, SFLAction says that it will continue to run program and engage with legislators to do the right thing and stand for life.  

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