July 27, 2023

Calling for a Wellness Check at CNN


Is everyone okay at CNN? Asking for a friend.  

The news outlet which has seen significantly less viewership than in years past has repeatedly gotten their facts wrong when it comes to the issue of abortion. The first few times Students for Life Action (SFLAction) and Students for Life of America (SFLA) called out this misreporting, we posited that it could have been merely the fault of a reporter’s lack of knowledge.

After all, abortion is a complicated issue that needs more education and awareness. 

But when a lead CNN reporter had another recent slip up of misreporting on abortion, SFLAction and SFLA called this third strike and said they’re out. Since CNN can’t get it right on abortion three times over the span of several weeks, it’s fair to say their “accidental” misreporting is actually reporting the spin on abortion that the abortion lobby wants from them.  

Acting as a second mouthpiece for the pro-abortion Biden Administration, CNN might as well change their headquarters address to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue because they’re doing all their messaging. What happened to accurate reporting?  


Here’s what you need to know about the three times CNN got it wrong on abortion: 
  1. When Vice President Mike Pence was doing a townhall with CNN’s Dana Bash, Bash claimed that President Joe Biden’s position on abortion is codifying Roe v. Wade which she said would allow abortion up to viability. Fact check: FALSE. The cases Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton were decided on the same day and together allowed abortion until the moment of birth. As SFLAction President Kristan Hawkins noted, there are still some abortionists who commit third trimester abortions such as Warren Hern.

    What CNN won’t tell you is that these cases allowed for abortion at ANY time in pregnancy, for any reason. No limits on abortion is also highly opposed when we survey voters, but CNN tries to hide this in their reporting.

  2. When Presidential hopeful Nikki Haley was doing a townhall on CNN as well, the host Jake Tapper reversed course to again say that President Biden supports limits on abortion but also wants to see Roe codified.Oh, the irony. We’re fact checking this FALSE again because you can’t have it both ways – supporting Roe does mean supporting abortion without limit. If Tapper or anyone at The White House read the Roe v. Wade case, they would be shocked to find there is NO definition of “viability,” and it certainly doesn’t make a correlation to 20-weeks as they claim is Biden’s position.

  3. In another example of CNN’s blatant misinformation, anchor Jim Acosta insisted that Democrats are not in favor of abortion up until the moment of birth, calling it untrue. Acosta is terribly mistaken because Democrats on Capitol Hill have tried to push a vote on the Women’s Health Protection Endangerment Act three times!This bill was even more extreme than Roe and called for abortion at any point in pregnancy (PS- that includes until birth!). In addition, earlier this year, Congress voted on the Born Alive Protection Act which would call for physicians to save a baby who survived a late-term abortion. More than 200 Democrats voted AGAINST the passage of this bill. Democrats in Congress can’t even vote to save babies who survive abortion and support the Women’s Health Protection Act — therefore we’re fact checking Acosta FALSE 

And when news emerged out of Texas that nearly 10,000 babies were saved thanks to the state’s life-saving Heartbeat Abortion Prevention Act, CNN’s headline was anything but pleased. We didn’t know it was possible to be grumpy about babies experiencing a birthday, but CNN somehow found a way. 

From twisting President Biden’s anti-baby bias to covering up for the extreme abortion votes of Democrats, CNN needs a serious lesson on abortion and the importance of factual reporting.  

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