December 1, 2023

In Case You Missed It: Students for Life of America President Discusses Biden’s Replacements with Dr. Sebastian Gorka

Earlier this week, Students for Life Action (SFLAction) President Kristan Hawkins sat down with Dr. Sebastian Gorka on his show, America First to discuss Senator Tommy Tuberville’s bold stand for life in the United States Senate. They encouraged viewers to support him and call their Senators to demand their support, as well. Since the beginning of his fight, SFLAction has supported Senator Tuberville in his stand against the government using taxpayer dollars for abortion travel within the Pentagon budget. 

The majority of the discussion, however, was focused on the recent Students for Life Action blog regarding the not-so-secret ways that the Democrats could replace Biden in 2024. 

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Excerpts from the interview are below: 

Dr. Gorka: “A very interesting headline – The Democratic Party has Four Not-So-Secret Ways They Could Replace President Biden… and all of them would be very bad for the unborn, correct Kristan?” 

Hawkins: “That’s absolutely true. We know President Biden ist railing in the polls to President Trump, and he’s even trailing President Trump when it comes to the youth vote, the largest demographic in our country. And quite sadly, the most liberal demographic in our country. But what many people don’t know is that there are many different ways that the Democrats have been talking about the future of the Presidency and their party and their leadership.  

The first way is Joe Biden loses the primary. The second is at the convention where the delegates who pledged to support President Biden don’t, and an attempt is made to switch out the party’s candidate. By the way, we know that the candidate we will get will be just as bad on abortion… 100% pro-abortion, even against infanticide of children, just like Joe Biden. 

The third way is Biden resigning after the primary, after he has secured his party’s nomination. The DNC Convention procedure rules state that the party and the party’s own leadership can appointment a replacement. I think that’s the most likely scenario there…” 

WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW: The four ways Democrats could replace Biden. Kristan Hawkins with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First