February 14, 2023

It Takes a Backbone to Be Bold for the Preborn – SFLAction is Sending This Key Message to Elected Officials


Students for Life Action (SFLAction) has sent a message to state leaders who must be reminded that squishy policies are unacceptable; they need to have a spine before voting on legislation that preborn lives depend on.  

However, this isn’t our first rodeo and we have unfortunately seen legislators without a backbone take office more times than we’d hoped.  

A perfect example of this took place in South Carolina last fall where we saw the State House pass a Life at Conception Act, but the Senate failed to adopt this measure. Since a handful of State Senators didn’t #VoteProLifeFirst, the bill did not become law and direct abortion increased in the state.  

(CLICK HERE to read SFLAction President Kristan Hawkins’ op-ed advocating for ALL South Carolinians to be protected under the law.)  

To get ahead of the vote in the new legislative session, SFLAction wanted to get on the ground in South Carolina to ensure leaders don’t stay weak on life-saving legislation for a second time. 

That’s why six pro-life students arrived at the State Capital with one, simple message to Senators: Have a spine and vote for H.3552, the Human Life Protection Act. This bill, mirroring protections in the Life at Conception Act, should be swiftly passed through the Senate because there’s no room for squishy leaders who side against the preborn – the innocent party in every abortion.  

The bold SFLAction leaders brought a physical model of a spine to several Senate offices in South Carolina and explained that the Human Life Protection Act needs the support of each member. They left behind quite the visual reminder that will hopefully stay in the Representatives’ minds before they cast their votes.  

We are waiting in anticipation for this vote to take place in the Palmetto State but plan on continuing our spine deliveries across the nation where life-saving laws are jeopardized by weak politicians.   

Clearly defined in our Post-Roe Blueprint, SFLAction is fighting to enshrine protection for HUMAN LIFE in the womb in law. This means bills such as Life at Conception or Heartbeat must pass at the state and federal level to provide the strongest protections for the preborn.  

If you want to get involved with our next round of spine deliveries to weak politicians, enter your contact information HERE!   

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