January 27, 2023

Media Advisory: SFLAction to Join Pro-Life Coalition at Minnesota Capital to Urge a ‘No’ Vote on the PRO Act

“Allowing cruel, late-term abortions was unfortunately a quick legislative priority this year in Minnesota,” said Dustin Curtis, SFLAction Vice President of Political Affairs & Operations. “The latest data points to nearly 10,000 abortions in the state, but that’s not enough for extreme pro-abortion leaders who are pushing legislation that harms women and the preborn. We will continue to educate the community with resources far safer than abortion and defend life inside and outside of the womb.”    

Media Advisory: To connect with Students for Life Action staff or leaders at the capital today for b-roll or an interview email [email protected]  

CLICK HERE to read SFLAction’s PRO Act petition 

WASHINGTON, D.C. (01-27-2023) Students for Life Action (SFLAction) has been speaking out against House File 1 (HF 1) also known as the Protect Reproductive Options (PRO) Act in Minnesota. If passed today by the Senate, the legislation would codify abortion in the state’s constitution through all nine months of pregnancy for women of all ages. This includes and is not limited to minors without parental consent or notification.   

SFLAction has testified twice against this bill in the House and highlighted the ways women hurt physically, mentally, and emotionally from abortion while also defending the rights of the preborn. Today in front of the capital, SFLAction will join pro-life groups beginning around 9:00 AM to protest the life-ending law as it’s voted on in the State Senate.  

“This bill would allow for the killing of fully developed, pain capable babies,” Curtis added. SFLAction’s new YouGov poll found that 91% of Gen Z and Y surveyed supported an ultrasound to protect women from late-term abortion while 12% said that a baby’s life deserved legal protection when pain can be felt.  

As the Senate votes on HF 1 today, SFLAction will track the vote and hopes to see strong pro-life leaders take a stance to protect life in law and oppose this bill that is nothing but a gift for the abortion lobby who stands to profit at the expense of women and the preborn.  

As noted by The Washington Post, SFLAction is “one of the largest antiabortion organizations in the country,” and has long been preparing legislatively for a Post-Roe America. Fox News recognizes SFLAction “has already been pushing state legislatures” and our growing influence has even reached pro-abortion lead researcher Mary Ziegler who noted the power of our mobilization in The Atlantic.