May 17, 2023

Nikki Haley Talks Abortion on ‘Face the Nation,’ But Can She Honestly Face the Call for Protection at Conception?

Perhaps Nikki Haley’s presidential strategy is “under promise, over deliver,” but her recent remarks draw concern with the Pro-Life Generation because it seems rather than simply under promising, she’s unwilling to deliver anything at all for the preborn.  

At Students for Life Action (SFLAction) we work around the clock knowing something that the abortion lobby in Washington D.C. tries to hide:  life is a winning issue. We believe this so much that we engage politically at all levels of government and have seen some tough battles won for the preborn and women.  

The pro-life movement that worked to overturn did it with vision and persistence – which seems sorely lacking lately by some in officeOne of SFLAction President Kristan Hawkins’ biggest pieces of advice to the GOP on abortion is to play offense and make your opponent answer to THEIR abortion extremism – not to accept an early defeat. 

And unfortunately, Haley is setting the bar low before even taking higher office. Throughout her candidacy, it’s been difficult to know exactly where the former South Carolina Governor and Ambassador of the United Nations (UN) draws the line on abortion.  

On the weekend CBS show Face the Nation, Haley said: 

So the idea that a Republican president could ban all abortions is not being honest with the American people, any more than a Democrat president could ban these pro-life laws in the states. So let’s be honest with the American people and say: Let’s find national consensus. Let’s agree on getting rid of late-term abortions.” 

One thing Haley gets right is the need to abolish all late-term abortions, they are a barbaric practice committed well beyond the point when babies can feel pain in the womb, which can occur as early as 12-weeks – three months of pregnancy.  

But human beings in the womb matter, whether they are in pain or not. The Pro-Life Generation aspires to #ProtectionAtConception and supports Heartbeat Protections for infants with a confirmed sign of life. We also know that the 14th Amendment guarantees the right to life for all of us – born and preborn. 

It’s hard to put much energy behind a candidate who says we will lose before we even get started. Roe opened the pathway for a pro-life future, and she is incorrect to say that leaders at the federal level, including the next President, can’t get anything better to protect the preborn than late-term abortion.  

An inspiring leader can unite a divided generation and considering Haley’s background tackling many hard issues from racial hate crimes in South Carolina to bias at the UN, she should know the pressure will only be more intense at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.