November 28, 2023

Red and Blue Visions for Life and Liberty


America will soon be treated to a debate between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and California Governor Gavin Newsom, with moderator Sean Hannity on Fox News. During the debate, the coastal state governors of two of America’s most powerful states will share what they see as the future vision for America’s best days. 

In many respects, the contrast couldn’t be clearer. 

Yet, it’s on the topic of abortion that these two men and their respective states couldn’t be more different in their views of the sanctity of life. Let’s take a closer look: 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis 

During his run for gubernatorial re-election, the Florida legislature passed a 15-week limit on abortion inside the state, which DeSantis was happy to sign into law on the campaign trail. Hhe handily won that race, despite naysayers arguing that being strongly pro-life is a political loser. 

But it didn’t stop there – after his re-election, DeSantis also signed into law The Heartbeat Abortion Prevention Act in April 2023, ensuring that preborn children have protections after a fetal heartbeat is detected.  

During his run for the Republican nominee for United States President, the Governor of the Sunshine state has continued to be extremely strong on defending life. 

While DeSantis has come under fire from other candidates in the race for the presidency, he’s stayed strong to his convictions. Here are some of his best quotes from the debates when challenged on his pro-life bona fides: 

At Debate #3: “The Democrats have taken a position that they will not identify the point at which there should be any protection all the way up until birth. That is wrong, and we cannot stand for that.”  

At Debate #2: “We won the biggest victory, and Republican victory in a Governor’s race in the history of the state. Over a million votes. We were winning places like Miami Beach where no one thought was possible because we were leading with purpose and conviction. I reject this idea that pro-lifers are to blame for midterm defeats – I think there are other reasons than that. 

The former President – he’s missing in action tonight. He’s had a lot to say about that and he should be here explaining his comments to try and say that ‘pro-life protections are a terrible thing.’ I want him to look into the eyes of the people who have been fighting this fight for a long time. My wife and I were at the gravesite of Mr. and Mrs. Reagan, and I noticed that there was a quote where it says, “every single person has purpose and worth.” We’re better off when everybody counts, and I think we should stand for what we believe in. 

We should hold the Democrats accountable for their extremism for supporting abortion all the way until birth. That is infanticide and that is wrong!” 


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California Governor Gavin Newsom 

On the other end of the nation and the pro-life spectrum, we have the Governor of California (who is totally not running for President). Don’t let his trip to China, his push for a constitutional Amendment to effectively ban firearms, and his attack ads against Ron DeSantis fool you: it all certainly sounds like a person running for president.  

But on the issue of life, he’s been perfectly clear: he wants more abortion and less restrictions on it. With the signing of AB 1666 (that number sure gives it away doesn’t it) California is an abortion sanctuary state under Governor Gavin Newsom. He said: “We will not aid, we will not abet in their efforts to be punitive, to fine and create fear for those that seek that support,” Newsom said. “We are proud to provide it — and we do.” 

Despite that sense of pride, the state of California doesn’t collect abortion data at all 

Yet, he’s willing to go further than the Biden Administration’s abortion agenda, though he’s been willing to spread the same lies, such as about the nonexistence of later- term abortion. He doesn’t support restrictions on abortion – during his interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, he said:  

Bash: “Another issue is abortion. You have probably heard more and more Republicans, including Donald Trump, who, just over the weekend, accused Democrats of supporting abortion rights up to and after birth. Can you be clear about –.” 

Newsom: “What does that mean, after birth? Abortion after birth? It’s made up. It’s a political –.” 

Bash: “Well, can you just be clear about what limits on abortion should be?” 

Newsom: “It’s a political thing. People are not seeking abortion at the end of the cycle –.” 

Bash: “What is the policy? What should it be?” 

Newsom: “The policy, it’s not up to Donald Trump or me. It’s up to you, to women, that have to bear that responsibility uniquely and distinctively. And the reality is, it’s a canard. It’s a political frame. It’s total B.S., and it’s exactly where they need to go because they know they’ve gone too far on the other side –.” 

If that wasn’t enough, he’s also shown his hand with who he picked to replace former Senator Diane Feinstein: Laphonza Butler, head of the abortion extremist PAC Emily’s List and former advisor to Kamala Harris. 


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The 2024 election’s largest themes are coming into focus, and as the recent elections in Ohio and Virginia have shown,abortion will be at the forefront. We will be watching to see if that’s true on the debate stage this coming Thursday. 


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