July 25, 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Isn’t The Only One Concerned About Chemicals in the Water

Capitol Hill saw yet another exciting week where hearings and votes were widely publicized, especially when Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. (RFK) testified before Congress on government censorship and how it can impede Americans’ free speech on social media. 

As a Democratic hopeful for The White House in 2024, RFK has not been shy about voicing his opinion and concern over vaccines, an issue he often felt censored on by the liberal media and oligarchs monitoring Facebook and Twitter political correctness.  

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Regardless of where you stand personally on vaccinations, RFK’s main objectives while testifying were to 1) raise questions before entering blind submission and 2) ensure that free speech is protected for all individuals. 

In the pro-life movement, we know more than we’d like about free speech violations. While cases have risen on college campuses, Students for Life Action (SFLAction) and Students for Life of America (SFLA) are often censored on social media, too.  

Whether it’s our TikTok videos getting mysteriously taken down, “strikes” being given (as in baseball, a certain number of strikes means users can be punished), or flags for ‘misinformation,’ Big Tech certainly doesn’t like our pro-life views. But that doesn’t mean we stop sharing them. 

And just because RFK doesn’t “like” the idea of vaccinations and many in his Democratic party do, it doesn’t mean he should be silenced or ostracized for sharing his viewpoint. Instead, when people such as RFK ask more questions, it turns the wheels in others’ minds, and they begin asking questions, too. Freedom of thought and inquiry is necessary for keeping truth and positive change at the forefront of our country.  

As an example, when SFLAction and SFLA asked more questions about the issue of Chemical Abortion Pills, it led us to a landmark campaign called: What’s In the Water? 

We began asking what the environmental ramifications are of dumping Chemical Abortion Pills as well as medically tainted blood and human tissue into our public water ways. While there is far more progress to make in this effort, SFLAction and SFLA have filed multiple citizens petitions and have been relentless in educating Members of Congress and the public on the dangers that may exist in their water. 

The Washington Times reported, “His [RFK] lifelong devotion to cleaning up chemicals dumped in rivers by big, greedy corporations under the lazy eye of government extends to chemicals dumped into the veins of children by big, greedy corporations under the lazy eye of government.” 

While RFK is focused on listening to the stories of those who had negative experiences with vaccinations, he should find that the pro-life movement’s new focus with Chemical Abortion Pills aligns with his values. After all, shouldn’t he care about what else is in the water? 

If he becomes the next President, we certainly hope RFK looks to partner with the pro-life movement and gets behind our environmental campaign to protect our water from the dumping created by the greedy abortion lobby.  

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