March 22, 2024

Students for Life Action Applauds Kansas’ Efforts to End All Intentional Abortion Except to Save the Life of the Mother


“Last night, Students for Life Action watched as rank-and-file Republicans aligned with Democrats, stabbing the pro-life movement in the back and allowing the barbarism of abortion to continue in Kansas,” said Students for Life Action Vice President of Political Affairs Chanel Prunier. “But with this recent successful roll call vote on SB 286, the battle to end abortion in Kansas has begun again in earnest.”


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TOPEKA, K.S. (3-22-2024)Students for Life Action (SFLAction) applauded the roll call vote on Senate Bill (SB) 286 in the Kansas Senate, which if signed into law, will greatly increase pro-life protections in Kansas, stopping dangerous Chemical Abortion pills and ending intentional abortion.  This vote resulted from the hard work of SFLAction intern Cheyenne Vandeventer, who helped introduce the law in 2023, and the support of Kansas State Senator Mark Steffen, M.D.

“Despite strong opposition to SB286 from misguided political actors in Kansas, we have brought this bill forward,” said Prunier. “Now, Students for Life Action will engage further on the ground in Kansas to educate voters regarding which Kansas leaders took a stand for defending life – and which ones cowered behind liberal Kansas court rulings and the Republican Leadership that foolishly thinks we can make peace with a little abortion.”

“We are never going to stop fighting for life, and we know that the first step to passing the bill is knowing who will stand with pro-lifers and who won’t so that pro-life voters can lobby them,” said Vandeventer.  “Now we know. And we are going to see that protections for preborn life are strengthened in Kansas, or we are going to run against legislators who oppose pro-life protections and replace them.”

This isn’t the first grassroots campaign that SFLAction has waged inside the state of Kansas. Over the last year and a half, Students for Life Action has worked to pass SB 286, our Abortion Prevention Act, and a Chemical Abortion prevention bill.


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In early 2024, SFLAction also championed HB 2492, which is identical to SB 286, and just like SB286, would prohibit abortion except when necessary to save the life of the mother.


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In addition, SB286 would restrict Chemical Abortion Pills, which are now responsible for over 6-in-10 abortions across America, according to a report from CNN.

Chemical Abortion Pills are unfortunately widespread in their use across the country, thanks to Biden Administration’s abuse of the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), which helped to set up No Test, Online Distribution of Chemical Abortion Pills. The most recent data from  pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute shows that these pills cause more than half of all intentional abortions.

Meanwhile, women who take these pills experience injury, infertility, death, and exploitation by abusers. What’s more, these pills are responsible for causing four times the complications as surgical abortion, according to data from the abortion industry’s own sources. A separate study from the National Institute of Health (NIH) notes that the risk of death associated with Chemical Abortion Pills is also ten times higher.

“The aftermath of the roll call vote on SB286 ushers in a new phase of advocacy that we are very familiar with, where SFLAction will blanket the state and galvanize voter outreach, through education, door knocking, text campaigns, and Lobby Days,” said Prunier. “Kansas will not be an abortion tourism destination and the women of this state deserve better than the barbarism of abortion. We urge lawmakers to act boldly and defend the lives of thousands of preborn babies that can be saved if they look beyond the whims of a pro-abortion judiciary.”


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