April 27, 2023

Students for Life Action Says Nebraska Leaders Should Stand Strong Against Abortion Lobby, Reconsider Amendments on Heartbeat Abortion Prevention Act

“Students for Life Action was created to engage specifically on the state level in a post-Roe era. Legislators who betray their pro-life constituents and proclaimed pro-life beliefs will be remembered by the Pro-Life Generation come their primaries,” said Kristan Hawkins, SFLAction President.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (04-27-2023) – After failure to pass Nebraska’s Heartbeat Abortion Prevention Act todayStudents for Life Action (SFLAction) said its ground game for 2024 has begun. The state Senate stalled progress on LB 626, the Heartbeat Act, after a rigorous amendment process. In agreement with Governor Pillen, SFLAction said Senator Riepe should move to reconsideration and stand by the commitments he made to his pro-life constituents and fellow senators, and to not be bullied by the abortion lobby.

Hawkins added, “We know 95% of abortions occur before 12-weeks, Senator Riepe’s amendment would ensure the predatory abortion industry can continue operating in Nebraska.”

Thanks to SFLAction’s engagement in November, Nebraska finally has a filibuster-proof pro-life majority (by just over 373 votes). State Senator Megan Hunt, a friend of the local Planned Parenthood, is no longer be able to use a filibuster to defeat life-saving laws from going into effect.

SFLAction identified the strategic opportunity in Nebraska and worked to elect pro-life champions so the legislature could take up votes such as today. In the fall, SFLAction’s #VoteProLifeFirst campaign microtargeted digital ads reaching 75,776 voters in addition to our grassroots mobilization that included 6,696 doors, 26,612 personal text messages, and 5,164 calls, in 11 targeted races.

In recent weeks, SFLAction participated in testifying, lobby days, and an aggressive political strategy including knocking on hundreds of voters doors to ensure leaders didn’t waiver when faced with pressure from the misleading and extreme abortion lobby.

SFLAction highlighted this sentiment to key leaders when delivering models of spines as a reminder to have a backbone as the abortion lobby pushes back against life-saving legislation and stops at nothing less than abortion on demand.

Notably, LB 626 aims to protect women and children while making sure penalties are not placed against women – a second victim of the abortion lobby. The Heartbeat Abortion Prevention Act recognizes a human with a beating heart, inside and outside of the womb, deserves to be protected as life is clearly evident. 

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