April 12, 2023

With Door Knocking and Calling on Legislators to Have a Spine, SFLAction Says It’s Time for a Life-Saving Vote in Nebraska

This week, Students for Life Action (SFLAction) is closely monitoring a vote in Nebraska that could protect preborn babies when a fetal heartbeat is detected. Since the introduction of LB 626, the Nebraska Heartbeat Act, SFLAction has been canvassing, testifying, calling, collecting petitions, and urging legislators to pass this bill.  

(CLICK HERE to read ‘Navigating Nebraska’s Public Hearing on a Life-Saving Law.’) 

In Creighton, students recently canvassed throughout the district and knocked on 200 doors until it got dark out. These bold students also took to the state Capitol to address legislators directly on attempts by the abortion lobby to water down this legislation with amendments.  

Similar to actions taken in South Carolina, nearly a dozen students from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska handed out model spines as “trophy” reminders that preborn babies need representatives that have a backbone when placing their vote.  

SFLAction delivered these spines to Senators Riepe and Arch and met future-Senator Christy Armendariz. They asked them to unwaveringly stand and be a voice for the preborn. We hope the spines will be kept as a constant reminder in their office that they are pro-life first, no matter what threats are propelled from the abortion lobby. 

Sen. Riepe spoke in-depth with students about his unfortunate amendment and even took the spine model to the Senate floor. Upon stating that the goal was to open further discussion for other recently elected Senators, he was reminded by pro-lifers that there then must also be discussion on #ProtectionAtConception. 

While SFLAction delivered Speaker Arch’s “trophy” to his office, Speaker Arch denied the request to speak with the Pro-Life Generation. He was seen, however, questioning his colleague about the spine. Along with this backbone model, the Senators were also given a letter which stated: 

“We’re delivering this little model backbone to you today because while you are pro-life, it appears you may need encouragement in standing up to the abortion lobby and the Democrats to advance pro-life legislation. 

“We understand that one of your Democratic colleagues engaged in a temper tantrum to block pro-life and pro-family legislation. You must not allow your democracy and the legislative process to be held hostage to this sort of terrorism, lest it occur again and again. 

“We understand that Planned Parenthood in Nebraska and nationwide has utilized the millions of dollars in blood money they receive from abortions to pressure otherwise pro-life elected officials to make excuses, water bills down, and not advance critical legislation. But we’re calling on you today to stiffen your resolve in the face of this pressure and remain faithful to your campaign assertions of voting pro-life.” 

SFLAction is calling upon Nebraska’s leaders to advance LB 626, the Heartbeat Act, as written and at every opportunity from committee hearings to the floor. This week’s vote might pass or fail because of a razor thin margin so we’re pushing for leaders to do the right thing.  

SFLAction has mobilized in several states to back heartbeat legislation because we know that a heartbeat that can be detected as early as 6 weeks gestation brings a reality that a baby is growing, thriving, and human.   

Theresa Howard of the University of Nebraska Omaha Mavericks for Life club said, “It’s important we hold our legislators accountable to their promises. I had never engaged with my state Senator in person before, and it was incredibly educational. I had no idea of what processes were taken to call a Senator off the floor or that I could walk into their office and speak with staff.”    

Despite often being the only national group on the ground, SFLAction is always there for a fight to defend the preborn regardless of any threat from the mean and extreme abortion lobby. In December, SFLAction was holding an activist training in Nebraska when a death threat was left on the building’s front door by Jane’s Revenge — but that hasn’t scared us away. 

The intolerant abortion mob doesn’t want us to win in Nebraska, but we’re working to ensure every life is protected and valued. Hopefully with the vote this week, leaders will act with a backbone that puts preborn lives first!  

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