April 14, 2023

The Pro-Life Generation Can’t Stop Canvassing in Kansas! Update On Our Efforts to Pass the Life at Conception Act

Students for Life Action (SFLAction) staff and students knocked on more than 400 doors in Kansas through recent grassroots efforts! The energized group of nearly a dozen students is getting out to educate residents on SFLAction’s bill to protect the preborn and how their representatives can get behind the measure.  

SFLAction worked with pro-life champions to introduce Senate Bill 286, the Life At Conception Act. This bill aims to save thousands of preborn babies from abortion every year in Kansas by prohibiting abortions from being committed with legal recognition that life-saving maternal care would not be affected. In addition, this bill would make it unlawful for any person to manufacture, distribute, prescribe, dispense, sell, or give Chemical Abortion Pills within Kansas.     

Targeting homes in the 10th Senate district in Johnson County, SFLAction spoke to Senator Mike Thompson’s constituents because their representative is holding up this life-saving legislation from moving forward.  Not only was SFLAction canvassing in Senator Thompson’s district, but they soon realized they were in his personal neighborhood. SFLAction intern Cheyenne Vandeventer said: 

“Door knocking went really well. We found out we were actually in Senator Thompson’s neighborhood. His house was on our list, so we knocked on his house. I didn’t think he would answer because I was pretty sure he would be at the Capitol. No one answered, so we left a flyer at the front door. However, we talked to four pro-life people who knew him personally, and three of them mentioned talking with him about the bill.” 

This isn’t the first time SFLAction has been canvassing in the district of the elected official they are targeting. Previously in Alaska, SFLAction ironically knocked on the door of U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski’s brother-in-law and made their pitch for the Senator to clear her pro-abortion record. 

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Introducing our Life at Conception Act in Kansas is a great accomplishment, but the bill has a long way to go before it can effectively save women and the preborn from the violence of abortion. Our students are eager to fight for this bill and have not only canvassed but also participated in lobby days and sent 1,500 emails in support. 

This gritty group of Gen Z and Millennials reflects the largest voting bloc and wants to make real change in a Post-Roe America. We can’t wait to see a win for life in Kansas! CLICK HERE to add your name to our petition.  

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