November 15, 2023

27 Senators Take Their Stand with Senator Tommy Tuberville


In the immortal words of Michael Scott from ‘The Office’: How the turntables…

If you’ve followed the Students for Life Action (SFLAction) blog, you’ve seen it cover the tribulations of Senator Tommy Tuberville as he has fought against the Biden Administration using taxpayer dollars to fund abortions for some time now. The Senator must be feeling extremely vindicated today, as 27 other Republican Senators, including three who opposed him previously, have taken his side against the Biden Administration. According to reporting by The Daily Signal:

Twenty-seven Senate Republicans sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Monday, demanding that he rescind an abortion travel policy that they claim violates U.S. law by circumventing Congress. Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., has vocally opposed this policy.

“You have broken your promise to the American people not to politicize the military, and your actions have harmed and threaten to further harm institutional norms within our democracy,” the senators write in the letter, exclusively provided first to The Daily Signal.

“All legislative power is vested in Congress, and the Executive branch is responsible for implementing and enforcing the law,” they explain. “While the Department [of Defense] may issue regulations, it can only do so under the laws authorized and enacted by Congress. But, Congress never authorized the Department to expend funds to facilitate abortions and, until the Policy was issued, the military never facilitated abortions except in cases of rape, incest, or where the life of the mother would be endangered if the unborn child were carried to term.”

To read more about the attacks on Sen. Tuberville for standing for the innocent lives at stake, read the latest op-ed from Hawkins and Kristi Hamrick, SFLAction Vice President for Media & Policy, at The Federalist: Aborting Innocent Lives In America Won’t Save Innocent Lives In Israel 

The letter from that Daily Signal report further states that:

“Much has been made in the press about one senator’s decision to try and stop your egregious wrongs, without acknowledging the Senate majority leader’s refusal to bring general and flag officer nominations to the floor until forced to by Republicans,” they write. “Seeking to circumvent the Senate prerogative of the informal ‘hold’ practice without addressing the underlying causes—the novel policy and subsequent refusal of the majority to bring these nominees to the floor—will not ultimately reconcile this matter.”

This is a welcome change of pace as these Republican Senators have rightly recognized that abortion is being inserted into the military, not the other way around.

It’s a departure from what was an unfortunate case of friendly fire, as earlier some Republican Senators were on the offensive against Senator Tuberville’s brave stand for life. Specifically, this group included Senators Dan Sullivan (Alaska), Todd C. Young (Indiana), Joni Ernst (Iowa), and Lindsey Graham (South Carolina), and Mitt Romney (Utah).

Thankfully, due to grassroots support for Senator Tuberville, including a Students for Life Action (SFLAction) protest in Alaska this past Monday, opinions have shifted and the support for Tuberville is growing.

SFLAction had also previously rallied in support of Sen. Tuberville’s principled stand against the Biden administration by:


To learn more on the shocking attack on the floor of the U.S. Senate, read:
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As we have said before, the Republican Party needs to get its act together, as moderate, half-measured positions on abortion don’t win elections. As for any Republican Senators who don’t agree and still think thatTuberville is out of order… if they wish to willingly give their power over to the Democrats through their actions, they should resign and go work for Planned Parenthood.

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