January 11, 2023

We Canvass for Legislation — Here’s Why


As we prepare to mobilize in support of pro-life legislation on the state and federal level, it’s important for the Pro-Life Generation to understand the tools at our disposal. One tactic that is familiar to many of us — especially those who participated in the 2022 elections with Students for Life Action (SFLAction) or with the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities — is canvassing.  

Immediately after Roe v. Wade was reversed, several states held special sessions where abortion regulations were discussed, and we responded in a two-fold manner. First, by identifying legislators who were undecided or “squishy” on pro-life issues and then mobilizing voters in their district to call and email them. 



Here’s a story of how this went down from our activists in South Carolina: 

“Our group was tasked with going to Edgefield, South Carolina to encourage voters to call and encourage State Senate Majority Leader Senator Shane Massey (R) to vote to recede the State Senate amendments to H.5399 (or the South Carolina Human Life Protection Act). 

“When out canvassing and at homes where we were able to talk to voters, the vast majority of residents were in favor of the House version of the Life at Conception Act. They were grateful to be educated on their representative, and they took the call to action and contacted Sen. Massey to let their voices be heard, encouraging him to listen to his constituents and vote in favor of the House bill as it was originally written. 



“Ultimately, the vote failed, and Sen. Massey still voted against the lives of preborn children. Now, it’s our job as pro-life activists to make sure that his voters don’t forget it,” reflected Collin Shaw, a pro-life activist in South Carolina.  

We’ve seen that this tactic works at two levels: 

  1. It effectively mobilizes voters in the midst of competitive legislative fights.  
  2. It reminds voters about who their legislators are, which will be valuable when it comes to their next election challenge. 



Politicians need to know that if they won’t vote to protect life, we’ll work with leaders who will and expose their record. After all, they work for us, and if they won’t work for us, we’ll work to hold them accountable.   

If you’re interested in holding legislators accountable, join SFLAction for a canvassing trip. Click HERE to learn more.  

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