February 22, 2023

Aloha, Victory! SFLAction Begins Fight Against Chemical Abortion Cartel in Hawaii 

Lily Branham, SFLAction Senior Administrative Assistant

GUEST POST: Students for Life Action (SFLAction) is celebrating the introduction of H.B.1275 to end Chemical Abortion in Hawaii. This is a very exciting step for the protection of women and preborn children in the state from the violence of Chemical Abortion Pills. This legislation is SFLAction’s flagship bill which has also been introduced in Iowa, Alabama, and Wyoming — and we’re working to get this bill introduced in even more states across the country.  

According to the official bill summary, the purpose of the bill is to “protect the lives of unborn children by prohibiting chemical abortions, which pose a significant risk to women’s health and safety.” 

Chemical Abortion Pills are associated with four times more complications than surgical abortion yet make up more than half of all abortions – the use of these life-ending drugs has unfortunately been rising. SFLAction is dedicated to addressing the risk of injury, infertility, death, and misuse by abusers of these pills, and we were glad to see H.B. 1275 include strong language to combat their distribution.   

This month, SFLAction celebrated a major victory when this same SFLAction-inspired bill passed in Wyoming and was signed into law, completely ending the distribution of Chemical Abortion Pills in the state. This was historic because it was the first time Chemical Abortion Pills were explicitly banned in a state and is a testament to the dedication of SFLAction students and supporters. 

Clearly, the introduction of H.B.1275 in Hawaii is part of a larger effort by SFLAction to end abortion and promote a culture of life across the country. Our advocacy and work have led to the introduction and passage of pro-life legislation in states across the country. 

Our educational efforts have also helped to raise awareness about the dangers of Chemical Abortion specifically – the leading form of abortion in the United States and the need to protect the most vulnerable among us. 

We are excited for more to become aware of the dangers of Chemical Abortion in Hawaii with the introduction of this life-saving bill! 

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