April 11, 2024

Biden’s Extreme Record on Abortion Is Extensive – Here’s What It Looks Like

Since the day Joe Biden took office, he’s pushed an extreme abortion agenda: the most extreme in American history. And despite any claims to the contrary, Joe Biden is perfectly comfortable with the lack of limits from his administration when it comes to abortion. 

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Don’t take our word for it; his administrations track record speaks for itself: 

The Biden administration itself has a much longer list of things they’ve done to expand abortion, presented in the usually rosy PR-speak way.  According to that list (in their own, twisted words): 

  • Protect Access to Safe and Legal Medication Abortion.   
  • Defend FDA Approval of Medication Abortion in Court.   
  • Partner with State Leaders on the Frontlines of Abortion Access. 
  • Defend Access to Emergency Abortion Care. 
  • Educate Patients and Health Care Providers on Their Rights and Obligations for Emergency Medical Care.  
  • Support Patients Traveling Out of State for Medical Care. 
  • Strengthen Access to Affordable, High-Quality Contraception. 
  • Support Access to Family Planning Services Through Title X Clinics. 
  • Expand Access to More Women Under the Affordable Care Act. 
  • Strengthen Reproductive Health Privacy under HIPAA.
  • Hosted a Convening of Lawyers in Defense of Reproductive Rights. 

Just to name a few. And each of these categories has a lengthy explanation of what each of these steps do, and why. It’s worth the read, but too lengthy to post in full here.  

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Next time Joe Biden can save time and space and just say “more abortion, without apology, and without exception.”  

It’s faster, and cuts to the core of what his legacy will be anyways.