May 16, 2023

Here’s How the Mean and Extreme Abortion Lobby Reacted When Pro-Lifers Arrived at Ohio’s State House

Often a weapon of the pro-abortion lobby, ballot referendums tend to confuse voters and push a life-ending agenda on the state level. That’s why the Pro-Life Generation gathered at Ohio’s State House in support of SJR2 but they were met with hostile abortion supporters wishing them death.  

This resolution seeks to “give Ohioans the fighting chance and make it harder to change the state constitution in favor of abortion,” Jamie Scherdin, Students for Life Action (SFLAction) Ohio Regional Coordinator noted.  

While pro-lifers showed up in large numbers in support of the resolution at the state house, Scherdin said that the abortion lobby was there as well. “I have never seen so many people so angry about a bill that will put the question into the hands of the people. Most of the time, people are angry because they do not get to vote on the issue, which is not the case here,” she said.  

Leading her group into the atrium of the state house, Scherdin said they were quickly crowded with both sides waiting to enter the hearing room. An opponent of the resolution was heckling and abruptly pushing Scherdin, trying to skip her in line for the hearing.  

Standing her ground, Scherdin made it inside the chamber as the debate began among representatives. Chanting and other sounds erupted from some against the resolution in the gallery despite the instruction to stay silent during debate.  

Scherdin and the Pro-Life Gen witnessed a Republican ask for an amendment and a special election in August for the measure. To pro-lifer’s victory, the amendment passed yet Democratic Representatives countered the amendment and Scherdin noted from the gallery, “they all stood up and started shouting at the Republicans: one person, one vote.” 

“It was the most immature and ridiculous response I have ever seen from an elected official,” she added. Giving a nod to their pro-abortion supporters that were watching nearby, the gallery guests were shouting at Scherdin and pro-lifers saying “shame” to the point in which police had to escort them out.  

The mean and extreme nature of pro-abortion politicians set an example for their base as Scherdin and her group left the gallery and were met with a hostile crowd. The same abortion activist who pushed through Scherdin earlier to make it into the room found her again to say, “I hope you need an abortion you little b****, and when you do, you die.” 

Unfortunately, not only do pro-lifers have to tolerate and hear this vile rhetoric on a regular basis, but this pro-abortion woman showed their true intent. It is speculated that many supporting abortion “rights” do hope a woman dies so they may add to their narrative, but what about the 30 women we know who have died because of Chemical Abortion Pills? (Not to mention the preborn baby killed in every successful abortion.) 

While Scherdin and her group listened to the rest of the hearing outside in safety, they will be on the frontlines of protecting the preborn in Ohio in law and service. That’s why Students for Life joined Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) and eight pro-life groups’ friend-of-the-court brief urging state’s high court to uphold fetal heartbeat law. 

Reflecting on the victory of getting this resolution on the ballot in August, Scherdin concluded, “This is a huge steppingstone for the people of Ohio in protecting our constitution. If this passes, it will make it much more difficult for the extreme pro-abortion ballot initiative to be passed in Ohio coming November.” 

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