April 6, 2022

Oklahoma’s Life at Conception Bill is Turning Heads Towards SFLAction


After working closely with Students for Life Action (SFLAction) on the measure, the Oklahoma state legislature has just passed its Life At Conception bill, becoming the second state after Arkansas to pass a SFLAction-supported bill of its kind since last session. SFLAction is celebrating this major win for life, and the icing on the cake is that we’re not the only ones who are freaking out over the legislative victory: the media and Planned Parenthood are, too. 

But they are stirred up over this triumph for a different reason. Planned Parenthood and its mainstream media allies are appalled at the influence SFLAction had on the outcome of Oklahoma’s Life at Conception bill. Not only that, but they’re taking notes and clearly realizing that when SFLAction works with legislators, we mean business—and we get our business done.   

Here’s a sampling of what they said about our involvement with the Oklahoma Life at Conception bill 



A Pat on the Back from CNN:  

In an article entitled, “Oklahoma Legislature Passes Near-Total Ban on Abortion,” CNN author Veronica Stracqualursi gave SFLAction credit for working behind the scenes on the passage of the bill, writing, “Legislators had worked closely on the bill with the national anti-abortion group Students for Life, which celebrated the bill’s final passage on Tuesday.”  

Yes, we most certainly did—and for anyone shying away or viewing the term “anti-abortion” negatively, don’t. Consider it a badge of honor because if you really treasure life (and the pro-life movement does!), you are anti-abortion.  

Planned Parenthood Is Sweating A Little:  

The CNN article also quoted Emily Wales, the interim president of Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes, who told CNN that “Tuesday’s bill marks the most restrictive bill on abortion passed this legislative session.”  



Wales also properly stated that SFLAction’s mission is the total abolition of abortion and cited Texas (another state where SFLAction is closely involved) as an example, saying, “I would really call it a race to the bottom. Texas, in a way, inspired other conservative, anti-choice politicians to go as far as possible and be as extreme as possible.” On that last point, Wales is exactly right—we will not stop until abortion is illegal and unthinkable. And until states also work to defend life in service as well as in the law.  

The Wall Street Journal Echoed CNN:  

In an article with a twin title to the CNN piece, the Wall Street Journal reports that Oklahoma’s Life at Conception bill is “one of the most sweeping bans passed this year.” They also credited SFLAction quoting SFLAction President Kristan Hawkins   that the Oklahoma legislature “is acknowledging that we are valuable human beings no matter how small.”instigator of the victory quoting SFLAction President Kristan Hawkins’ statement that the Oklahoma legislature “is acknowledging that we are valuable human beings no matter how small.” 



USA Today and The Oklahoman Shouted Out One of Our Staffers:  

At USA Today and The Oklahoman, articles by Carmen Forman quoted SFLA’s Oklahoma Regional Coordinator Faith Elwonger succinctly saying, “Protection from conception is the new status quo.” You bet it is! The articles also highlighted Elwonger’s praise for the Life at Conception bill and further quoted her as saying that Oklahoma was “taking steps to lead the way for a “post-Roe America.”  

To learn more about SFLAction’s plan for a Post-Roe America, click HERE (and spoiler alert: this Oklahoma bill is a part of it).  

 McAlester News-Capital Went the Same Route:  

An article at McAlester News-Capital, written by Janelle Stecklein and entitled “Oklahoma Lawmakers Send Bill to Governor Banning Almost All Abortions” also quoted SFLA’s Elwonger as an authority on the pro-life movement. Additionally, the article cited SFLAction’s press release for more information.  



 Don’t Underestimate What These Media Hits Mean.   

Media hits such as these are a powerful reminder to the pro-life movement that the work we all do does not always go unnoticed. Instead, the Pro-Life Generation is known for their prowess in activism, and we’re actually making the abortion lobby worry about the Pro-Life Gen’s effectiveness, which is exactly what we like to hear. Mainstream media taking exceptional notice of a specific legislative strategy (like Life At Conception) also indicates what their abortion industry allies are most afraid of. We are on a mission to end abortion once and for all, and we’ll continue making history, just like we did with Oklahoma’s Life at Conception bill.  

 To read all our press releases just like these news outlets were, click HERE to be directed to our Press Statements and Media Coverage page.