March 7, 2024

Pinch Me: Wyoming May Kiss Abortion Facilities Goodbye

Wyoming could be the first state to get rid of brick-and-mortar abortion facilities completely.  

In a “pinch me” moment, USA Today reports that “The Wyoming House and Senate passed a bill on Friday that would significantly regulate surgical and medication abortions at Casper’s Wellspring Health Access, the last remaining legal clinic in the state.” 

These restrictions could be enough to shut down abortion facilities statewide. The bill is expected to pass at the end of March, and it “reclassifies abortion clinics as ambulatory surgical centers and requires the facility and the doctors who perform abortions to be licensed. It also creates a criminal penalty of $1,000 for violations and civil liabilities for damages resulting from abortions.” 

While Republican Marsha Lawley, the bill’s sponsor, and others are concerned about the safety and health of women for both surgical and chemical abortions, it sounds like the pro-abortion medical professionals are brushing it off like a bad scrape.  

“There are procedures that are far more dangerous and have a much higher complication rate that are done in clinics and doctors’ offices across the state.” commented OBGYN Rene Hinkle to USA Today. “And they’re not intending to regulate those. It’s disingenuous and prejudicial.” 

While it’s logically unclear why wanting licensed medical professionals to administer dangerous Chemical Abortion Pill drugs is “prejudicial,” one thing is clear: abortion zealots are willing to risk women’s lives to spread abortion. Students for Life Action is interested in protecting women and our environment. We have the track record to prove it:  

Students for Life Action and others in the pro-life movement want to educate, while abortion extremists want you to look the other way. They hide behind buzzwords and use distraction tactics, like saying abortion isn’t as bad as other surgeries. That’s like saying a tree is shorter than a taller tree. It doesn’t make much sense.  

If there’s any disingenuous side, it’s the pro-abortion extremists. Let’s reminisce, shall we?  

And that’s just from the past few months. But sure, pro-life legislation is “disingenuous.”  

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