June 21, 2022

SFLAction Hosts Political Workshop in Arizona, Educates Pro-Life Generation on Bold Post-Roe Strategy

When Roe v. Wade falls, Students for Life Action (SFLAction) will focus heavily on leaders at the local level to help carry out pro-life legislation. In preparation for a Post-Roe America, we’ve been proactively raising up the next generation of pro-life leaders, equipping them with the knowledge and political prowess they need to succeed through SFLAction’s Political Leadership Workshops.  

These workshops teach our students about the true nature of politics, what it takes to achieve real policy change, how to effectively lead activism groups, how to pick a good political fight, and so much more!  

Recently, SFLAction hosted a multi-day event in Arizona where the Political Leadership Workshop brought together a combined total of 35 SFLAction student leaders, SBA Pro-Life America staffers, and Arizona Life Coalition board members. Together, they learned the strategy and tactics they need to make Arizona pro-life when Roe v. Wade is reversed.  

SFLAction Grassroots Political Coordinator Titus Folks said, “We taught a wide range of topics including, ‘The Real Nature of Politics, Election Operations, and Legislative Operations.’ The biggest takeaway was the need for election consequences. When politicians vote for abortion, they need to be removed from power.”  

SFLAction demonstrated just how much political influence they have this year when State Senator Heather Carter voted against pro-life legislation inspired by the Center for Arizona Policy. When SFLAction canvassed Heather Carter’s district talking about her vote, her constituents replaced her with Senator Nancy Barto in the Republican Primary.  

SFLAction promises to continue joining courageous pro-life groups in Arizona and across the nation in exposing fake pro-life politicians until every preborn life is protected from the violence of abortion—and you can help be a part of this, too.  

To sign up for a Political Leadership Workshop near you, CLICK HERE!  

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