April 23, 2023

Students for Life Had a Front Row Seat to Governor DeSantis Signing a Sweeping Victory for the Preborn! Read More About Our Reaction

In case you missed it, huge news unfolded in Florida this month with the Heartbeat Abortion Prevention Act being signed into law! As this sweeping legislation set a new path forward for future Floridians, Students for Life Action (SFLAction) is reflecting on the pathway that led us here. 

Earlier this summer, SFLAction engaged in rigorous political program where they had to take on Florida Senate President Kathleen Passidomo, an attorney who grew up in New Jersey, who said repeatedly that she wants 12-week abortion limits with exceptions that would single out some babies for abortion based on the circumstances of their conception.    

With Passidomo’s pro-abortion voting record and position of power, SFLAction wasted no time collecting petitions from the Senator’s constituents who pressed her for stronger protections for the preborn. SFLAction President Hawkins delivered more than 2,500 petitions herself to the Senator’s office and explained to her staff that preborn babies deserve the full protection of the law from the moment that science tells us life begins: conception. 

Florida State University’s Students for Life Group

Undeniably, this fight was an uphill battle, but after lobby days, petition deliveries, and more voter engagement, SFLAction was thrilled to see Passidomo’s mind change, and a huge victory unfold. Oftentimes, heartbeats can be detected as early as 6-weeks into pregnancy which would make this Heartbeat Abortion Prevention Act a strong safeguard for life early on.  

After the bill was signed into law, SFLAction President Kristan Hawkins told the Washington Post, “It’s a great day to be pro-life.” She added on Twitter, “So proud of our team at SFLAction for strategically engaging in this fight.” 

The noble fight won by SFLAction and the Pro-Life Generation defeats a messaging battle attempted by the abortion lobby. While many call this law a “6-week ban,” we rightfully correct the rhetoric with the facts: 

A beating heart is a medical sign of life. 

The Heartbeat Abortion Prevention Act doesn’t halt abortions at 6-weeks but aims to protect preborn babies with a proven sign of life. While it’s often detected at 6-weeks, the fetal heartbeat around this time indicates the baby has a strong chance of surviving birth. While it can vary, every time it is detected, it’s the same thing: the sound of life! 

Present at the bill signing ceremony was Florida State University’s Students for Life Group – a fantastic cohort of young leaders who enjoyed watching Governor Ron DeSantis enact this bill into law!  

Noting the way in which Governor DeSantis set the standard around the nation with this bill, Hawkins has utilized Twitter to reach out to presidential candidates asking them if they would follow through with life-saving laws.  

Similar legislation has been introduced and is on the way to passing Nebraska’s state capital, with more state and federal bills progressing in a Post-Roe America.