September 13, 2023

The Republicans That Matt Walsh Warned You About


If you’re sick of hearing about South Carolina Representative Nancy Mace (one of Biden’s Favorite Republicans), trust us — we’re sick of talking about her. But her special brand of spineless cowardice deserves to be highlighted as long as Rep. Mace insists on taking it to the airwaves. Every action, a reaction.

Appearing yet again on CNN, Rep. Mace bemoaned the fate awaiting “moderate” Republicans if they dare to take a stand for pro-life principles:

“Biden-district Republicans are the reason that Republicans are in the majority, have the slim majority that we have today.And if we want to keep that majority, we have to keep those folks in their seats.”

She continued, “You don’t do that by making Republicans and moderate districts walk the plank on abortion, walk the plank on women’s issues, walk the plank on birth control, walk the plank on an impeachment vote, like those are all reasons why we will lose next year if we continue down that path.”

Mace seems to like the pirate theme of an inevitable death march for politicians who dare to defend preborn lives, as preborn lives are butchered en masse via the abortion industrial complex.

It’s perhaps fitting that four days prior to Mace’s remarks, Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh gave a stirring monologue on his show regarding the pro-life movement and the price of compromise on this issue.

We have shared much of it (because it is excellent), but encourage you to listen to all of it (skip ahead to the 33:00 minute mark):

“Let’s take someone like DeSantis. One of the big criticisms of DeSantis, for example from people on the right is that he signed an abortion ban into law. And that was a big miscalculation to sign the abortion ban into law. You hear alleged conservatives – not just when it comes to DeSantis – conservatives all the time, lamenting the fact that Roe v. Wade was overturned. That some Republican legislatures are actually passing laws banning abortion – at a certain stage of development, anyway.

“And some Republican Governors are signing these bills into law. Then you hear conservatives complaining about that ‘oh we’re going to pay a price for that in the election, liberals are going to be mad at us! The liberals, you know how much they enjoy killing babies so if we stop them think of how mad they’re gonna be! So, we just shouldn’t.’

“As I’ve always said about that, I do not buy the argument that protecting babies from being murdered is so unpopular in this country that if you do it, you have signed your political death certificate and you’ll never be elected again. I don’t buy that.

“And if that is the case, then we’re just done as a country anyway. If we’re at the point where if you come out against the mass slaughter of infants, you’re automatically dead in the eyes of the electorate, then we’re done….

“…Protecting babies from being killed is worth doing on its own terms. It’s something you have to do, if you can.”

Thankfully, there are leaders with the integrity that Walsh described out there, like Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville, whom Students for Life Action was proud to recognize for his moral fortitude and courage. Like Walsh, we too agree that elected power, if it comes at the expense of innocent human life, is too high of a price.

Nancy Mace, like too many pro-life pretenders plays at the issue for fundraising but refuses to act when the rubber hits the road. Acts of ceremony and virtue signaling are useless when life is on the line, and  the pro-life movement needs to see this for what it is. For her shining example of the kind of pro-life Republican NOT to be, we thank Rep. Mace for that.