January 30, 2023

‘Nothing to See Here’ Biden Suggests as Classified Documents Found at Home, Realizing It’s the Perfect Time to Announce Abortion Memorandum

There’s no better time (for the Biden Administration, that is) to release an abortion memorandum then during a media landslide of classified documents found at multiple Biden residences and offices, right? In a seeming attempt to change the news cycle from President Biden’s potentially unlawful actions as a Senator and Vice President, his administration last week catered to his pro-abortion base by highlighting access to deadly Chemical Abortion Pills.  

The Biden Administration has already propped up the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with extreme policies on the distribution of Chemical Abortion Pills, but now they seek to abolish any ‘barrier’ (aka pro-life laws) that wouldn’t allow for the sale of the drugs that are four times more dangerous than surgical abortion and pose great risks to women (not to mention the preborn). 

While the party that creates an agenda on the belief that voters want death on demand, Students for Life of America’s recent YouGov poll found that the majority of Gen Y & Gen Z do NOT approve of the Biden Administration’s Chemical Abortion Pill schemes.    

There must be a massive echo chamber happening in the White House because, despite poll numbers like these, all we see from this administration is more… and more… abortion. It’s undeniable that the party of death condones violence inside and outside of the womb, and the current administration has hefty penalties for pro-lifers.  

The Pro-Life Generation dares to ask what’s the crime for those who want to work in the medical field to help people, not kill them? Or for those who advocate for life-affirming policies but face harassment and violence for holding their beliefs?  

While Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) makes a plea that it enforces the law fairly, we’re seeing flagrant disregard for not only the preborn but those who defend them. The same DOJ that kicked down the doors of Mar-A-Lago when former President Trump had declassified documents is now slow-walking information on the current President’s potential rule-breaking on classified intel.  

We’re not surprised. However, we are insistent that babies do not deserve to die in the womb, and women don’t deserve injury, infertility, and even death due to Chemical Abortion Pills. According to the Biden Administration, we are apparently guilty of obeying the law and not committing murder?  

A pharmacist who is unwilling to sell Chemical Abortion Pills because they can get into the hands of abusers who give them to women unknowingly is guilty then of not supporting human trafficking and abuse? Wow, sue them.  

Recently, Students for Life Action (SFLAction) played out this clear double standard by the administration in front of the White House for all of Washington to see. In this satirical VIDEO, SFLAction posed as pro-lifers at pregnancy resource centers, FBI agents, and of course, abortion supporters who have been wreaking havoc since the reversal of Roe v. Wade. 

As we continue to call out the biased nature of the Biden Administration, we’ll also continue our education on the dangerous effects of Chemical Abortion. If you want to take action and tell the Biden Administration enough with weaponizing their power against the preborn and their activists CLICK HERE to sign our petition.  

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