May 15, 2023

Our Military Needs Many Things, Abortion Isn’t One of Them. New Policy Increases Thousands of Abortions Annually, One Senator is Taking a Stand

The brave men and women who serve and protect our country already give so much to preserve democracy; their future children and family legacies are not owed in the name of service. Thankfully, Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama recognizes this and has been leading the fight to stop the Biden Administration from forcing abortion in the veterans’ healthcare system for the first time in its history 

As a Senator, Tuberville and his colleagues must confirm nominations from the White House to serve in various government roles. Since the Biden Administration’s rule change at the Department of Defense (DOD) to expand their healthcare mission from life affirming to life ending regardless of state laws, Sen. Tuberville has withheld military promotions until the DOD rescinds its rule change.  

(CLICK HERE to see how Sen. Tuberville scored on SFLAction’s first Pro-Life Generation Report Card!) 

Rather than aiding our military members facing pregnancy, this rule change would cover the costs of leave and travel expenses for them and their dependents seeking abortion. The impact of this policy has been estimated by Rand Corporation to dramatically increase abortion from 20 to more than 4,000 a year.  

The rule has also been highly condemned by the archbishop of military services, Timothy P. Broglio, in a letter to the Senate and Biden Administration. “The policy and rule, now in effect, are morally repugnant and incongruent with the Gospel which the faithful are commissioned to share throughout the world (Mt 28:19),” he wrote.  

Students for Life Action (SFLAction) previously garnered its grassroots support to oppose this rule change and applauded Senator Tuberville for holding the line. Senator Tuberville is working to protect families – and future families – of the military from the radical, pro-abortion ambitions of the blood money lobby. And now he’s not alone.  

Although his own Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell opposed his stonewalling of pro-abortion leaders to take seats at the DOD, a group of House Republicans recently showed their support from the lower chamber. Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida told The Daily Signal, “It was important for House members to show Sen. Tuberville how many millions of Americans are standing with him.” 

While Sens. Mike Lee and Roger Marshall have defended their colleague, when it came time to vote to undo this abortion-promoting policy, Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski sided with the life-ending measure.  

It is unsurprising as Sens. Collins and Murkowski have a track record of voting in lockstep with the abortion lobby – least we do not forget the repeated failure of the Women’s Health “Protection” Act and Everything Related to Abortion Amendment both acting as a trojan horse for abortion.  

SFLAction and the Pro-Life Generation are standing with Senator Tuberville as he continues to stand for the preborn. In fact, he was recently named our Pro-Life Leader of the Month!  

Since September 2022, SFLAction has been calling upon the Biden Administration to drop its “unlawful and unethical” push for abortion on veterans, especially in states where life is protected in law. Now, SFLAction is calling upon Senators to stand with Tuberville and stop the Department of Defense’s radical new pro-abortion policies in its new petition! 

We commend the bold efforts he is leading in the Senate, sometimes alone, to fight for the preborn and demand that our military does not become another haven for the abortion lobby to rob and destroy future families.  

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