January 15, 2024

The “Live Free or Die State” Could Soon Pass An Amendment That Destroys Life and Freedom

New Hampshire needs to live up to its great state motto – a challenge of “Live Free or Die.” It’s not supposed to be a threat of violence against the vulnerable; yet the Granite State is currently facing a potential constitutional amendment that could allow unlimited abortion. 

Here’s what you need to know about CACR 24:and CACR 23, both of which Students for Life Action (SFLAction) strongly opposes: 


What’s at Stake: 

In the United States, there are currently 19 states that allow abortion after 24 weeks and six states (as well as Washington D.C.) that allow abortion without limits, according to an Axios article. New Hampshire could soon become part of that group without limits because of vague and ambiguous language present in the amendment.  

What’s worse, there are Republicans who are supporting this effort, despite the GOP’s traditional pro-life values and the fact that such a measure would be disconnected from 68% of New Hampshire residents who want limits on abortion. 

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What The Legislation Does: 

The text of the CACR 24 Constitutional Amendment states: “This constitutional amendment concurrent resolution would amend the constitution to provide that individuals shall have a right to personal reproductive autonomy.” 

In short, if CACR 24 was passed at the ballot in November 2024, New Hampshire would enshrine in its Constitution a “right” to let preborn lives be terminated 6, 7, or even 8 months into a pregnancy.  

Both of the proposed New Hampshire Constitutional Amendments are broadly written to allow unlimited abortion prior to 6 months gestation, regardless of circumstances.  

While CACR 23 appears to allow for legislative limitations on abortion after 24 weeks, it allows unfettered discretion of the abortionist, making the distinction meaningless. Frightened women with medical complications will be told they “need an abortion” by the individual selling them the abortion.      


What We Have Said About the Issue: 

SFLAction has been actively campaigning against limitless abortion, both in New Hampshire and around the country. This has included:  


And so much more – visit our blogs at Students for Life of America and Students for Life Action to see more. 


Stay tuned to this blog for future updates, as we track the progress of this legislation. To learn more about the other legislation moving through Congress that SFLAction supports, CLICK HERE