February 12, 2024

New Hampshire Update: VICTORY – Pro-Abortion Constitutional Amendment Defeated


Last week in New Hampshire, a critical vote took place to determine the future of pro-life laws in the Granite State. Thankfully, CACR 23 was defeated. If it had passed, abortion before and after 24 weeks would’ve been legalized, and the law’s ambiguous language would have made New Hampshire one of many states allowing virtually unlimited abortions. Currently, there are 19 that allow abortion after 24 weeks and six states (as well as Washington D.C.) allow abortion without limits, according to an Axios article 

However, there were six Republicans who decided to vote with the pro-abortion extremists on the vote, despite 68% of New Hampshire residents saying they want limits on abortion.    

They are: 

Needless to say, Students for Life Action (SFLAction) will be adding their names to Biden’s Favorite Republicans, and will be educating all voters, particularly pro-life Republican voters, about their actions. 


To view the original blog post explaining the impact of CACR 23, click HERE. 


Leading up to this victory, SFLAction has been actively campaigning against limitless abortion, both in New Hampshire and around the country. This has included:  


Stay tuned to the SFLAction blog for future updates on other critically important pro-life legislation.  


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